Yoga Therapy – Robin Gueth

The use of Yogic principles and methodologies with a therapeutic intention is today known as Yoga Therapy, and is gaining increasing popularity. Most importantly, it is becoming an effective option for those that tired of unsuccessful attempts to improve through western medicine protocols decide to seek alternative options. Yoga Therapy is now scientifically proven to be helpful in preventing and aiding in the recovery from physical and mental ailments. As the spectrum of conditions helped by Yoga Therapeutic models grows, what is Yoga Therapy and who is a Yoga Therapist is a matter of increasing interest and concern in the yoga and medical communities. My guest on this show is a Yoga Therapist with several years of expertise both from a professional and educational stand point, she is Robin Gueth.

Robin is a 38-year veteran of yoga and has been teaching yoga therapy for 20 years. She is a graduate of the American Yoga College directed by Rama Jyoti Vernon and is certified in Nischala Devi’s Yoga of the Heart. She has studied with Angela Farmer and Victor van Kooten and background includes Kripalu yoga, Iyengar yoga, Shiatsu and Thai massage, Feldenkrais, Dharma- and Acu-Yoga. She is skilled in working with various types of mental illness, respiratory illness and orthopedic issues. Her studio, the Stress Management Center of Marin, is the first Bay Area studio being awarded accreditation in Yoga Therapy Training from the International Association of Yoga Therapists.

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