The Business of Yoga a conversation with Yoga Tree’s owner Tim Dale

While Yoga has been simply passed from generation to generation for thousands of years, since coming to the West it’s become a multimillion-dollar business. How do making money and Spirituality combine in our modern world, how can a ‘business model’ apply to selling something that ‘is already in all of us’, does it work? To answer this question I invited the owner of YogaTree, Tim Dale, to the show.

Tim Dale , for whom mindfulness and eating well has always been important, pioneered in the natural foods restaurant business having opened and operated many of San Francisco’s most popular restaurants and nightclubs. These include: Le Colonial, Eleven, Fumé, Undici, Eddie Jack’s, the DNA Lounge, the Tap Room Bar, and the Up & Down Club. Then he took a sabbatical from the restaurant and nightclub business, and took up yoga. His sharp business eye noticed a gap in the market for a yoga studio that would be a space for great teachers to teach their passion without having to fit into the singular teaching style offered at other yoga studios. That is why, together with his wife Tara Dale, he opened the first Yoga Tree in October of 1999, and today Yoga Tree has nine yoga studios across the San Francisco Bay Area.

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