Yoga as a Way Through Loss – Laurie Fo, Yoga Garden’s Owner

Yoga, the science of integration of all existing things, says that if you want to know life, you must ‘know yourself’, for that information is already integrated in who you are. Yet, when we do go within not always we find a vast pool of integrated beauty, more often we first encounter aspects of our personal identity, one that has been formed amongst other things, by our attachments. If we are attached to gymnastics and our country’s competitor wins, ‘we’ won, even though we weren’t even there! When we lose the things and people we are attached to, we lose part of ourselves and we are pushed into grief. Yet we continue living, then, who survives, who is the new one that emerges after a loss? What can he or she do now…? I’ve invited someone whose exploration took her to Yoga, in surprising ways: Laurie Fo

Laurie Fo came to yoga as a way to return home to herself after deep loss. That journey brought her to owning the Yoga Garden Studio, after a solid experience managing diverse businesses. She also teaches restorative Yoga at the studio. She draws on her background in radiology, integrating anatomical detail, breath awareness and meditation to skillfully use the transformative powers of yoga.

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