Chronic Pain Management Through Yoga – Neil Pearson

Pain management is one of the most challenging health issues medicine deals with, and when it becomes chronic, it affects the perception, personality and life of those who suffer it. Medication works up to a certain point, but because pain is subjective, what means that each person feels it differently, the patient’s view of pain and relationship to it becomes very important. Yoga is known to be an effective method to get in touch with oneself and manage one’s own mind and body, so, can Yoga help pain management…? I had an opportunity to interview Neil Pearson while he was teaching at the Symposium of Yoga Therapy and Research in Austin Texas.

Neil Pearson is founder and director of Neil Pearson Physiotherapist Corporation, which operates as life is now. He works clinically in Penticton, BC, Canada providing the knowledge and tools for effective pain self management throughout physiotherapy and therapeutic yoga.

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