A MD’s view of Yoga – Baxter Bell

Most yoga practitioners would agree that Yoga improves their health, and makes them feel and look better, but is this true or just a popular belief, can Yoga really improve the health of those who practice it? To answer this question I’ve invited an MD, he’s Baxter Bell…

Baxter has been actively deepening his understanding of yoga and relaxation since making the stress-reducing move from a career as a busy family doctor to that of a yoga teacher and medical acupuncturist. He is now involved in the integration of therapeutic applications of yoga with Western medicine, lecturing to health care professionals around the country, as well as adding yoga to his care of patients in his medical acupuncture practice. He is a graduate of the Piedmont Yoga Studio’s 18-month Advanced Studies Program, and has since become Director of their Deep Yoga Program, teaching the Experiential Anatomy, Yoga Technique, and Yoga Methodology portions of the training. He is also on faculty for several Teacher Training programs around the country. He studied with Rodney Yee, Patricia Walden, and Erich Schiffmann, and has been strongly influenced by the work of TKV Desikachar and Donald Moyer. Baxter teaches classes, workshops and retreats around the country and internationally.

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