Yoga for Depression – Amy Weintraub

Depression is a common mental condition that affects millions of people either as a minor temporary episode or as more permanent personality trait. When it comes to treatment, medication seems to be the most prevalent modality, yet there are some practitioners applying other complementary techniques in search of valid alternatives. That is the case of Amy Weintraub, whom I had the opportunity to interview in Austin Texas, where she was a presenter at the Symposium on Yoga Therapy and Research.

Amy Weintraub is director of the LifeForce Yoga Healing Institute and author of the best-selling Yoga for Depression and the groundbreaking Yoga Skills for Therapists. She has been a pioneer in the field of yoga and mental health for more than 20 years and is involved in ongoing research on the effects of yoga on mood. Her LifeForce Yoga protocol is being used in residential treatment centers, hospitals and by health-care providers throughout the world.

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