Chair Yoga – Stacie Dooreck

As more and more people want to practice Yoga, the need for adjusting the orthodox practices to make them available for those in need becomes greater. While some teachers adjust conceptual aspects to make it feasible for people of different spiritual backgrounds, and other rename the ancient practices to have them be accepted in yoga-resistant circles, others modify the technical aspects of practice. This is the case of my Stacie Dooreck, who has adapted the techniques so they can be practiced while seating on a chair, something very useful, specially for those whose mobility is affected.

Stacie Saraswati’s own hatha yoga practice started in high school in 1993 due to an injury and continued as healing occurred from a simple daily yoga practice. She is a Sivananda certified Yoga instructor who has brought onsite yoga for employees at bebe stores inc., Lucasfilms, Adobe Inc. and senior homes and centers in Marin and San Francisco.
Stacie is the author of “SunLight Chair Yoga: Yoga is for Everyone” and created and leads SunLight Chair Yoga Teacher Trainings in CA, FL, NM and the Sivananda Yoga Ashram in CA and Bahamas.

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