Standards for Yoga Therapy – Nicole DeAvilla

Yoga has become tremendously popular in the world and in United States in recent years, where the practice of physical Yoga, the well-known asanas, is known to make you feel and look good. But when applied to aid the therapeutic process of different conditions, then Yoga becomes Yoga Therapy, a modern version of the ancient Yoga chikitsa and a cousin of Ayurveda. Despite the fact that this adaptation of Yoga has been effective for thousand of years our modern social organization style expects to have defined standards to understand what course can accredit someone as a Yoga Therapist. The International Association of Yoga Therapists, an organization based in United States and mostly comprised of American individuals and schools, has been making solid efforts to come up with educational standards. To speak about this important topic I invited Nicole DeAvilla to join me on the show.

Nicole is an Ananda Yoga Therapist with a background in Sports Medicine Research, chiropractic physiotherapy, dance and writing and the author of a book entitled “The 2 Minute Yoga Solution: FAST and EASY Stress and Back Pain Relief for ANYONE at ANYTIME”. She was one of the pioneer yoga instructors in prenatal/postpartum yoga and yoga therapy and is currently a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists Accreditation Committee.

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