Yoga as Therapy Seminar – Australia 2012

When the ‘Yoga as Therapy’ Seminar was organized in Australia by Sri Bala Ratnam, his intention was to showcase the knowledge of Yoga Therapy to an audience that is somehow still new to it and is only starting to fully embrace the discipline as a valid and effective practice in Australia.
Few months after the initial thought, Sri Bala passed away and asked his successor Bernadette Hearn to promise him that the seminar would happen as planned. Sri Bala was a gifted human being and a serious yogi who created Vibrational Breath Therapy, a technique based on energizing Prana though breath work combined with the chant of the cosmic vibratory (healing) energy of Pranava AUM. By meditating at the major Chakras, an individual is helped to neutralize emotional traumas and tensions of this and previous births.
Throughout the 3 days, the presenters shared concepts and practices explaining Yoga Therapy in general, as well as the specific ways in which Yoga can be used to enhance healing.

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