George McLaird – Was Jesus a Yogi?

Yoga emphasizes the importance of spirituality and as it spread in the western world it was met with resistance by some religions, particularly Christianity. If we take a deep look at some of Jesus’s principles and methods, we can find insightful parallelisms with many of Yoga’s core concepts, to the point that some affirm that Jesus was one of the greatest Yogis of all times. Was Jesus a Yogi? To shine some light on this matter I’ve invited a special guest to the next show: George McLaird.
He has been in the ministry since 1968 and served 4 Presbyterian Churches. Prior to retiring from Parish ministry in 2001, he served the Sausalito Presbyterian Church as pastor for 26 years and currently the Pastor Emeritus there.
For almost a decade now, he’s been teaching Spiritual Living at 4 different residential recovery programs.

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