Joel Kramer and Diana Alstad on the ‘Guru Papers’ and the Anusara implosion

In the book entitled ‘The Guru Papers: Masks of Authoritarian Power’, authors Joel Kramer and Diana Alstad express that authoritarian control, which once held societies together, is now at the core of personal, social and planetary problems. They examine why people give up power, why others abuse it and how this is a key factor in social disintegration. Because Joel & Diana’s book is relevant for understanding guru/disciple dynamics – and can offer some guidance regarding the Anusara implosion I invited them her to my show…

4 Responses to Joel Kramer and Diana Alstad on the ‘Guru Papers’ and the Anusara implosion

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  2. kathleen emmer says:

    I don’t know the whole story about John Friend, I have only taken several workshops and teacher training with John. He packs people in, like many other popular yoga events, using a big venue and to maximize the profits. Classes too large for individual instruction or attention. Trying to sell the spirituality of the events when they are clearly focused on profits and not on teaching the depth and skill of yoga.
    This profit motive is not an issue in America, but let the teacher have sexual relations with a student, on his own time, and media has something to overly concern itself with. If John Friend has erred it is for being greedy and not taking seriously the importance of teaching yoga as yoga could be more professionally and credibly taught. That is in a smaller room, less crowded, with more individual attention, focusing on proficiency, understanding and skill, and with less of a pep rally atmosphere. John is a rock star and rock stars have groupies, why is anyone surprised or even concerned? I’m not.

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