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Antonio Sausys (BA Psychology, MA Body-Oriented Psychotherapy) is a somatic health practitioner and yoga instructor specializing in one-on-one yoga therapy for people with chronic and acute medical conditions as well as emotional imbalance.

During his career, Antonio discovered a key correlation between modern body-oriented psychotherapy and ancient yoguic teachings, integrating the best practices from both worlds. He applies specific yoguic applications working with individuals to create a “Yoga Sadhana”. This is a specific and personalized yoguic routine that best serves the individuals’ needs and abilities, integrating mind, body and spirit to fully embrace the experience of life.

He created a ‘Yoga for Grief Relief’ program to induce self knowledge and personal transformation by addressing and working on the physical and emotional symptoms of grief. He also developed a ‘Yoga for Cancer’ program based on the premise ‘Spirit can’t have Cancer’.

He studied with Yoga masters and teachers such as Indra Devi, Swami Shankaradevananda, Swami Ekananda, Babashi Singh, Ram Dass, Swami Mairtreyananda and Larry Payne. He has continued his professional development with training in Foot Reflexology, Swedish Therapeutic Massage, the Degriefing Process and Reiki.

Antonio teaches and lectures at U.C. Berkeley, California Institute of Integral Studies, Kripalu, College of Marin, has been a faculty member at the International Yoga College and former Honorary Secretary of the International Yoga Federation for USA. He is a member of the World Yoga Council, the International Association of Yoga Therapy, and the US Delegate of International Yogatherapy Association.

Antonio Sausys resides in Marin County with a thriving yoga practice throughout the Bay Area. In addition to speaking engagements and workshops, he is a radio host (I am healthy radio), a TV Producer and host for his own show YogiViews, and the founder and Executive Director of ‘Yoga for Health’ the International Yoga Therapy Conference. Antonio is fluent in four languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese and Italian.

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